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I bought LG G7 from ebay in early 2019. Its screen shows that the model is G710ULM with IMEI 354991091842692. Currently, its firmware is Android 8.0. So, I tried to update it by using LG UP with several KDZ files. But, LG Up message is as follows. Finally, they failed.

Error: _checkCrossDL Fail

Phone = LM-G710ULM, KDZ


For your information, a back side of my device has a sticker of LG-G710PM, MEID D:  089401370501589865. It is different from what its screen show in phone information. I don't know what is a problem.

I want to upgrade its firmware into Android 9 or 10. Please help me.

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Model is LGG710PM

Region is SPR