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Hello, I received a new phone for christmas, the LG G7+. I went to settings to check which android version I had and saw it was Oreo. I looked online and alot of people have already received the Pie update a year ago for the phone. So I went on the update center to update my phone to the latest version ( also, Android security patch level on my phone says September 1, 2018 -.- ), but it said I was using latest software version for current os. I even registered for an lg account to be able to use the Korean Quick Help and Smartworld that came with the phone, because I thought maybe I had to do that to be eligible to receive an update from Korea or whatever. On top of that, my phone seems to have come with some annoying things such as a malfunctioning gyro and accelerometer ( I tried calibrating them but it became only like 50% better ). The microphone sounds good when using the HD sound recorder built in, but when used on 3rd party apps like snapchat, for audio recordings, it sounds as though the sound gets noise supression treatment, which makes it sound really bad and muffled. On my previous lg phone it didn't do that. Other than that, I am very pleased with the phone, but i'm considering flashing it to latest version to hopefully fix some of these problems, and of course benefit from the Pie features.

Which firmware do I need for IMEI: 356315094853449

Software version: G710N11b

Model number: LM-G710N

Thanks in advance.

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Manually update dude..

same as mine i manually update and....

violaaa its pie