LG US997(LGUS997) aka LG G6 Compare


  • 10/14/2018 20:06:15 Earlgrey_44 says : Log in to Reply

    No oreo for USA unlocked?
    No 21c?
    No 21c for us cellular (which would work with USA unlocked).?

    • 10/24/2018 06:52:12 Rich says : Log in to Reply

      Latest update is the 21b there is no 21c for any model can't ask for something thats not in existance

      • 10/25/2018 03:19:23 Earlgrey_44 says : Log in to Reply

        There is no kdz for the US cellular beyond 21b, if that's what you are talking about. What does exist is that people with the us997 are running oreo, and they are reporting a 21c update since 10/4. No help at this site though, is there?

        • 10/25/2018 09:27:54 admin says : Log in to Reply

          We LG fan club. LG released 21c for OTA update and can't upload kdz on server. We haven't kdz file with 21c

  • 09/12/2018 04:50:03 frankymenjivar says : Log in to Reply

    I have a US Cellular LG G6 model US997Z. Which firmware should I flash?

    • 09/12/2018 22:25:04 admin says : Log in to Reply

      Use contact us form and send phone IMEI to us. We check your region and latest firmware for your region.

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