Overview LGH870K(LGH870K) akaLG G6

Specification LGH870K(LGH870K) akaLG G6

Model and Features
Model LGH870K
Series LG G6
Release Date -
Depth -
Size (width x height) -
Weight -
Operating System Android 7.x Nougat
CPU Cores -
RAM Memory -
Internal Storage -
External Storage -
Network and Data
Number of sim slots -
2G network -
3G network -
4G network -
5G network -
Data -
Screen size -
Display Type -
Display Resolution -
Display Colors -
Battery and Keyboard
Battery Capacity -
Physical keyboard -
Audio output -
Bluetooth -
Infrared port -
WiFi -

Firmwares LGH870K(LGH870K) akaLG G6

LG Phone firmwares regions descriptions
Region File name OS Size Date Downloads
  • Australia
H870K10s_00_TEL_AU_OP_0721.kdz Android 7.x Nougat 2.94 GiB 2017-10-24 122time(s)
  • Australia
H870K11i_00_TEL_AU_OP_0108.kdz Android 7.x Nougat 3.08 GiB 2018-02-08 107time(s)
  • Australia
H870K20a_00_TEL_AU_OP_0509.kdz Android 8.x Oreo 2.83 GiB 2018-06-08 139time(s)
  • Australia
H870K20d_00_TEL_AU_OP_0906.kdz Android 8.x Oreo 2.85 GiB 2018-10-29 251time(s)

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  • User placeholder
    02/22/2020 11:04:36 mvp23041997 says : to Reply

    I am having trouble with my LG G6 and need a DLL file to reload the rom, my LG G6 model is H870K of Telstra Australia with imei 357456080027967, hope you help, thank you very much.

    • User placeholder
      02/22/2020 20:07:08 admin says : to Reply

      Model is LGH870K
      Region is TEL
      Latest version is H870K20d_00_TEL_AU_OP_0906.kdz

      you need use LG UP + UPPERCUT like in our manual https://lg-firmwares.com/how-to-flash/

  • User placeholder
    11/30/2019 06:15:31 Varvaros says : to Reply

    Hi, i currently have the lgh870k with the telstra splash screen and apps . is there any other firmware i can flash to go to stock?and even upgrade?

    • User placeholder
      11/30/2019 13:00:17 admin says : to Reply

      You can try flash H870 firmware.

      • User placeholder
        12/01/2019 04:09:11 Varvaros says : to Reply

        Will do , if it fails i should be able to re flash with stock hopefully

        • User placeholder
          12/01/2019 23:17:43 admin says : to Reply


          • User placeholder
            05/07/2020 14:20:10 Varvaros says : to Reply

            Can confirm it works flawlessly.. no more telsra splash screen and android 9 ..

  • User placeholder
    11/25/2019 01:09:09 lan.lehg says : to Reply

    LG G6 H870K - obviously Australia region. For Android Pie update, should I use European firmware or the Korean G600K? Thank you

    • User placeholder
      11/25/2019 11:27:50 admin says : to Reply

      Better European firmware.

  • User placeholder
    10/22/2019 03:48:17 lan.lehg says : to Reply

    Hi there,

    Is it possible to upgrade LG G6 H870K to Android Pie 9, using a different region's file? Say probably one from South East Asia?

    • User placeholder
      10/22/2019 11:42:43 admin says : to Reply


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