LG LS993(LGLS993) aka LG G6 Compare


  • 06/20/2018 13:20:55 lgfirmwares says : Log in to Reply

    We don't know because we phone fun club.

  • 06/20/2018 12:12:05 disqus_FcR8L4nbrJ says : Log in to Reply

    Why LG doesn't release the stock kdz file for LS993?

  • 02/08/2018 21:17:07 lgfirmwares says : Log in to Reply

    LG not share firmware for LS993. You must visit service center.

  • 02/08/2018 21:15:32 disqus_F2qDtQoBOr says : Log in to Reply

    My LS993 was updating and got brick. How do I supposed to update via OTA if the cellphone is bricked? Is there any way to update manually? Regards.

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