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I have a LG K51 Boost mobile Android 11. #K500UM30C.. is what it shows up on in LG UP. only firmwares I can find are. K50010iblahblahblah which are mostly android 9 or 10.. or I found a k500UM20F android 11. but pretty much everything is android 10... So here is my question... WTF? and WTF? it's now personal between me and this stupid phone!Here's what I have only thing that even attempts to let it flash is LG-UP 1.14. It gets the firmware K500UM20F to 9% and then I get the 0x2000 error. Flash failed. I don't believe I would need uppercutt but could be wrong. And man this is tiring! I've done everything! So I'm looking for assistance! please and thank you!

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