LG H870I(LGH870I) aka LG G6 Plus Compare


  • 08/30/2018 22:16:54 tonisilva2020 says : Log in to Reply

    Desculpe estou usando o firmware global lucye como devo proceder pra instalar a firmware do brasil

    • 08/31/2018 19:19:02 admin says : Log in to Reply

      Hi, Use English please

  • 08/30/2018 22:15:40 tonisilva2020 says : Log in to Reply

    Olá gostaria de instalar a Room brasileira no LG G6 como devo fazer corretamente o procedimento já que estou usando a Room global lucye da África

    • 08/31/2018 19:19:16 admin says : Log in to Reply

      Hi, Use English please

  • 08/20/2018 19:59:30 SidneyM says : Log in to Reply

    Dear webmasters,
    First of all I'd like to thank you for making the files available so we can upgrade our devices.
    I would like to inform you that the firmware named "H870I20a_00_OPEN_SCA_OP_0712.kdz" when installed appears as v20j. Is this a flaw or is it correct?
    Another point is the file "H870I20a_00_CLR_BR_OP_0703.kdz". I tried twice but it seems that there is some problem with this file because in two attempts the device does not leave the screen "LG G6 Thinq".
    I would suggest that the files have been fixed.
    My location is Brazil.


    • 08/20/2018 21:27:02 admin says : Log in to Reply

      LG made error in H870I20a_00_OPEN_SCA_OP_0712.kdz file name and inside is 20j.
      When you flash H870I20a_00_CLR_BR_OP_0703.kdz you downgrade from 20j to 20a. Try make hard reset.

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