Overview LG H870I(LGH870I) aka LG G6 LTE-A

Specification LG H870I(LGH870I) aka LG G6 LTE-A

Model and Features
Model LG H870I
Series LG G6 LTE-A
Release Date
Size (width x height)
Operating System Android 7.x Nougat
CPU Cores
RAM Memory
Internal Storage
External Storage
Network and Data
Number of sim slots
2G network
3G network
4G network
Screen size
Display Type
Display Resolution
Display Colors
Battery and Keyboard
Battery Capacity
Physical keyboard
Audio output
Infrared port

Firmwares LG H870I(LGH870I) aka LG G6 LTE-A

LG Phone firmwares regions descriptions
Region File name OS Size Date Downloads
  • Brazil
H870I10c_00_OPEN_SCA_OP_1114.kdz Android 7.x Nougat 2.96 GiB 2018-02-13 384 time(s)
  • Brazil
H870I20a_00_OPEN_SCA_OP_0712.kdz Android 8.x Oreo 2.94 GiB 2018-07-26 459 time(s)
  • Brazil
H870I20b_00_OPEN_SCA_OP_0115.kdz Android 8.x Oreo 2.78 GiB 2019-02-14 146 time(s)
  • Brazil
H870I20a_00_TIM_BR_OP_1122.kdz Android 8.x Oreo 2.93 GiB 2018-12-22 42 time(s)
  • Brazil
H870I20a_00_CLR_BR_OP_0703.kdz Android 8.x Oreo 3.1 GiB 2018-08-09 36 time(s)
  • Brazil
H870I20a_01_CLR_BR_OP_0102.kdz Android 8.x Oreo 2.95 GiB 2019-05-09 16 time(s)
  • Brazil
H870I20a_00_VIV_BR_OP_0810.kdz Android 8.x Oreo 3.06 GiB 2018-09-06 48 time(s)

Manual LG H870I(LGH870I) aka LG G6 LTE-A

How to Hard Reset on LG H870I(LGH870I) aka LG G6 LTE-A ?

Type 1:


Type 2:


Type 3:


  1. Turn off the phone.
  2. Next press and hold the Power key and Volume down key for ten seconds.
  3. Release the power key while holding down the volume key.
  4. Next press the power button again.
  5. After these actions, the Factory Reset menu will appear on the screen.

    Type 1:

    Type 2:

  6. Use the Power key and Volume key to confirm the process.
  7. The hard reset is completed now.
  8. As a result of these actions, the memory of your phone cannot be restored.

How to Factory Reset through code on LG H870I(LGH870I) aka LG G6 LTE-A ?

  1. Turn on the phone.
  2. Open phone's Dialer.
  3. Enter one of the proposed codes:  3845#*870# or 277634#*# or *#546368#*870#.

  4. Confirm your actions by open "SVC Menu" or "Hidden Menu".

  5. Then select  " Factory Reset " (R&D Only).

  6. Finally press "OK".

  7. The hard reset is completed now. 
  8. As a result of these actions, the memory of your phone cannot be restored.

How to Factory Reset through menu on LG H870I(LGH870I) aka LG G6 LTE-A ?

  1. Open the Main Menu.
  2. Go to "Settings".
  3. In Settings choose "General".

  4. In General select "Backup & Reset".

  5. Next, clik on "Reset Phone".

  6. Confirm by clicking  "Erase Everything".

  7. Finally, press "OK".

  8. The hard reset is completed now. 
  9. As a result of these actions, the memory of your phone can not be restored.


  • 09/20/2019 06:14:04 Tom santos says :

    Hello good night I have a lg g6 I want to upgrade to 8 but every time I try only that the device has not registered yet, how should I proceed.
    I thank the attention.
    Imei 358890657832145
    Lg g6 H870I

    • 09/20/2019 10:47:23 admin says :

      LG server response error. Try check IMEI on phone box.

  • 06/01/2019 23:28:44 lucassouzabraga says :

    Hello, my smartphone is the H870i model, IMEI 35313209010537, I downloaded the H870I20b_00_OPEN_SCA_OP_0115.kdz file, I installed it and now the smartphone does not leave the initial boot screen. What should I do?

    • 06/02/2019 23:00:29 admin says :

      1. Your IMEI isn't correct.
      2. Try make hard reset.

  • 02/05/2019 21:36:01 jglimajr says :

    My handset is the H870I open, whenever I try to install Rom H870I20a_00_CLR_BR_OP_0703. Kdz and then run Hard Reset the device is only on the home screen and does not open the operating system.
    I use Rom H870I10c_00_OPEN_SCA_OP_1114. KDZ, any hint?

    • 02/05/2019 21:37:18 admin says :

      Use Contact us form on site and send phone IMEI. We check your model, region and latest firmware for your region.

  • 01/05/2019 15:19:35 Fredporto says :

    Does anyone knows which of H870 (may be 32 GB version also) or H870I firmwares have VoLTE function enabled in OREO version? I know TIM has, but i am looking for an OPEN firmware. Thanks.

  • 12/10/2018 16:22:42 ananda_mh says :

    Hello, there is an error with the version "H870I20a_00_VIV_BR_OP_0810.kdz" when installing it, I did not leave the LG G6 ThinQ screen, being necessary the installation of the version "H870I20a_00_OPEN_SCA_OP_0712.kdz" by the uppercut.

  • 12/06/2018 05:20:20 Felipe Douglas says :

    Hello. I would like to know if it is possible for me to install the h870ds room on my h870i. In my there is the slot that supports 2 more chips only works 1 + memory card. I would like to use 2 chips.
    If so, what would be the best room for me? I live in Brazil. Thank you.

    • 12/06/2018 05:37:27 Felipe Douglas says :

    • 12/06/2018 19:48:00 admin says :

      better can't try. you can brick your phone.

      • 12/08/2018 06:04:59 Felipe Douglas says :

        Thank you. What is the best program to reinstall the original firmwere?
        On my model H870I the original firmwere is the H870I10c_00_OPEN_SCA_OP_1114?
        Thank you.

        • 12/08/2018 14:59:54 admin says :


  • 12/04/2018 21:39:15 leocadiojunior says :

    What does "SCA_OP" mean?

    • 12/04/2018 22:16:19 admin says :

      We don't know :(

  • 08/30/2018 22:16:54 tonisilva2020 says :

    Desculpe estou usando o firmware global lucye como devo proceder pra instalar a firmware do brasil

    • 08/31/2018 19:19:02 admin says :

      Hi, Use English please

  • 08/30/2018 22:15:40 tonisilva2020 says :

    Olá gostaria de instalar a Room brasileira no LG G6 como devo fazer corretamente o procedimento já que estou usando a Room global lucye da África

    • 08/31/2018 19:19:16 admin says :

      Hi, Use English please

  • 08/20/2018 19:59:30 SidneyM says :

    Dear webmasters,
    First of all I'd like to thank you for making the files available so we can upgrade our devices.
    I would like to inform you that the firmware named "H870I20a_00_OPEN_SCA_OP_0712.kdz" when installed appears as v20j. Is this a flaw or is it correct?
    Another point is the file "H870I20a_00_CLR_BR_OP_0703.kdz". I tried twice but it seems that there is some problem with this file because in two attempts the device does not leave the screen "LG G6 Thinq".
    I would suggest that the files have been fixed.
    My location is Brazil.


    • 08/20/2018 21:27:02 admin says :

      LG made error in H870I20a_00_OPEN_SCA_OP_0712.kdz file name and inside is 20j.
      When you flash H870I20a_00_CLR_BR_OP_0703.kdz you downgrade from 20j to 20a. Try make hard reset.

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