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I have T-Mobile service in the U.S., and two LG G7 phones.

One is a T-Mobile branded phone - G710TM.

The other is a Claro branded phone - G710EM, supposedly unlocked.

I can use the Claro phone on T-Mobile's network, but it doesn't work when roaming with T-Mobile's partners in rural areas, such as with U.S. Cellular in Oklahoma.  And it doesn't support WiFi calling, either.  And... the G710EM phone is stuck on Android 8, whereas the G710TM now has Android 10.

Is it possible to take the firmware from my G710TM phone and copy it to the G710EM phone?  Or download a G710TM firmware from somewhere and flash it onto the G710EM?

I am new to this forum, so please provide specific details/instructions if this is possible.  Or point me to another resource, please!

I really appreciate any help!

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No, you can't convert your phone to T-Mobile. T-Mobile devices use branded firmware with WiFi calls and some addition functions and with specific security area.