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LG UP - unknown device !

LG Flash tool - unexpected error during installation !

Firmware - 4.4, 5, 6, - nothing !

I did everything like description !

Only LG Support tool from www.lg.com find phone without problem ! Is it possible of some defense or patch ?

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Please send to us phone IMEI and we check your model, region and latest firmware.

After this you need use https://lg-firmwares.com/how-to-flash/ manual to flash your phone.
Hello, LG G3 D855, Bulgaria, Android 6.0, ASPL 2016-08-01, LP UP - unknown model, same whit Uppercut, same whit Flash tool ! Ver. V30o-EUR-XX ! I just need to do a downgrade, couse phofe have a some problem whit touch, and I think that, may be is software, but may be hardware too ! Phone have a little battery inside - is it possible that thing cause a problem ?
Sorry fof bad English !
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This is hardware problem. You need visit service center for fix hardware.
Is it possible more info ? what kind a hardware problem ?
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Maybe water if any software can't detect phone and touch can't work.

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