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Hi, can you please guide me. my device is not updating over FOTA, says phone not registered. LG Bridge also not updating says "cannot check software version. When i checked IMEI on some websites some said unable to find device rest showed huawei honor 8c device.

can you please guide me what is wrong with my lg g6?

Also which KDZ will be best for me to flash on this device so that it can be used on any carrier globally?

IMEI : 866356025156729

Device : LG G6 H873

Software V : H87310e

Main Software V : V10e-GLOBAL-CA

Build No. : NRD90U

Android V : Nougat 7.0

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Some body changed IMEI on your phone. 

If you have phone box you can check IMEI on phone box.

You can't receive OTA with bad IMEI.

You can try update manual using H87330b_00_OPEN_CA_OP_0917.kdz   and this manual https://lg-firmwares.com/how-to-flash/

by doomerdog (100 points)
Is this firmware global and correct for my device? As I live in Pakistan so will it work properly and not cause carrier problems?
by doomerdog (100 points)
Also somebody wrote on this forum that first upgrade to Android 8 then upgrade to Android 9.0 to avoid problems on lg g6. Please guide me. I am very frustrated ☹️
by admin (9.7k points)
Yes, better update to Android 8 and after this to Android 9.
i have the same problem i just wanted to know that is it important to upgrade step by step because OS doesn't have something to do with the hardware.
And also if i will upgrade G6 to 9.0 then my changed imei will be removed or not ?
it this method works?
i have H873 Android 7.0
imei of a Qmobile attached
and wanted to upgrade to pie any tips bro from your side ?
by admin (9.7k points)
Update firmware can't change IMEI.
And upgrading to 9.0 direct instead of 8.0 ?
please guide me bro and i have no idea of region is this a problem or not?
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we need IMEI for check your model and region

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