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Ive got lg v40 thinq at&t unlock version, now im using phone on indonesia.

So i never got OTA update, ive been contact agent they said the update have been send directly with imei.

Now i want to ask, can i  flash firmware LMv405ua20d for my latest LMV405UA10n?

Can it safely flash and then i can use my carrier network? Thankyou

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1.  You can't flash another firmware.

2. You can't get OTA abroad USA.
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There is a patched version of lgup tool. with that you can flash any version or any region firmware in lg v40 thinq. In this version of lgup tool you should check Refubrish or Partition DL, this both will work. If Refubrish fails then you can use Partition DL option. I have tested different firmwares in model LG V40 ThinQ V405EBW. The problem was that i got VOLTE function only in Indian region firmware, all other region did not show VOLTE function. If you need patched flash tool link --   https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_rNNG_qQdy1tt5dl-oli_OXJOBiYc6N7/view?usp=sharing. Any doubt please contact callrecordedv40@gmail.com

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