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I purchsed a Unlocked G7ulm GSM on Amazon a few weeks back however my carrier notified me that it would not work on my service. After several phone calls, sortting through the ones that can only read the script, i got a rep who trouble shooted the problum with. Now before this point I had gone as far as factory resetting the phone to wipe all my data, unknown to me at the time this also wiped what ever was done to the phone by the seller because the modle number had changed and I lost my serial number from the phone, it was blank. Cut to today, I have sent the phone back for a refund and would like to buy a new G7, however I dont want to run into the same problum I had before. When I attempted to update it useing the LG program or the update in android it kept telling me I was on the most recent update, even though I was running Android 8 and a mid year security update. I also could not install Netflix onto the phone. Everyhing else seemed to be fine. What I would like to know is if this is common problum, was I just a Idiot, or was this caused by something the seller did to the phone as I thought?

Thank you for your time.

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Check your IMEI, most likely it's a hacked PM Sprint version that was flashed into ULM like oh so many cheap LG 7 phones sold on ebay and amazon.
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Yah found that out the hard way, couldnt check the IMEI cause when I factory rebooted it, all the info disapeared. I have already sent it back to the seller and recieved a full refund. Thanks

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