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I have a LG Stylus Q + dual sim 2 phones. One bought from seller in Australia and later one bought from seller in US. Both have modellno. LM-Q710YBW. The one from Australia works fine with GSM from Europe type. The one from US does not connect to any carrier network neither US nor Europe. Can I flash another firmware type (like Q710???) to solve the problem? Both have software 8.1.0 with same baseband etc. The only difference is the software version: Australia has V10f-HKG-XX, US version has V10f-TWN-XX. Both were sold as unlocked. The Australian works fine, the US does not. I missed to give the US back in time and would like to make it work with European GSM card.

I appreciate any help to not through away the phone because I like LG stylusses very much and have also Stylus 2 and 2 plus, working fine.

Thank you in advance for your support.

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