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I have an LG-V35 ThinQ that was bought unlocked (at&t original carrier but phone was bought unlocked from another user).  Current software version is V350AWM10n using Android 8.0.0.   I'm not using AT&T as my carrier...i'm using another carrier and the phone seems to be working fine so far.  I'm trying to upgrade the Android software to Pie but the phone keeps saying no updates available.  It's been 2 years since i had the phone.  I've been to my carrier's store and they can't do anything.  I went to AT&T store and they can't help either.   

Is there any way I can upgrade this phone besides using the "software update" function within the phone (which isn't helping)?  If so, what are the steps or link?  Thanks in advance.

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You can update your phone only from USA. You can't update AT&T phone abroad USA.
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