Overview LG US996(LGUS996) aka LG V20 LTE-A

Specification LG US996(LGUS996) aka LG V20 LTE-A

Model and Features
Model LG US996
Series LG V20 LTE-A
Release Date November, 2016
Depth 7.6 mm (0.30 in)
Size (width x height) 159.7 x 78.1 mm (6.29 x 3.07 in)
Weight 174 g (6.14 oz)
Operating System Android 7.x Nougat
CPU 2 x 2.15 GHz + 2 x 1.6 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 MSM8996
CPU Cores Quad-core
RAM Memory 4GB
Internal Storage 64GB
External Storage microSD, Up to 2 TB
Network and Data
Number of sim slots 1 Nano-SIM
2G network GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
3G network HSDPA 850/900/1700(AWS)/1900/2100 MHz
4G network LTE1900 (B2), LTE1800 (B3), LTE1700/2100 (B4), LTE850 (B5), LTE2600 (B7), LTE700 (B12), LTE700 (B13), LTE700 (B17), LTE800 (B20), LTE1900 (B25)
5G network
Screen size 5.7 in
Display Type Color TN-TFT LCD
Display Resolution 1440 x 2560 pixels (515 ppi)
Display Colors 16M colors
Battery and Keyboard
Battery Capacity Removable Li-Ion 3200 mAh
Physical keyboard
Audio output 3.5mm jack
Bluetooth version 4.2, A2DP, AVRCP, LE, Apt-X
Infrared port No
USB Type-C 3.0
WiFi WI-FI 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac

Firmwares LG US996(LGUS996) aka LG V20 LTE-A

LG Phone firmwares regions descriptions
Region File name OS Size Date Downloads
  • United States
US99610n_00_1116.kdz Android 7.x Nougat 2.62 GiB 2017-12-31 832 time(s)
  • United States
US99620f_00_1120.kdz Android 8.x Oreo 2.29 GiB 2019-01-03 331 time(s)
  • United States
US99610g_00_1216.kdz Android 7.x Nougat 2.48 GiB 2017-06-06 1301 time(s)
  • United States
US99610n_00_1116.kdz Android 7.x Nougat 2.62 GiB 2017-12-21 157 time(s)
  • United States
US99620f_00_1120.kdz Android 8.x Oreo 2.29 GiB 2019-01-10 163 time(s)
  • United States
US99610o_01_0202.kdz Android 7.x Nougat 2.49 GiB 2018-10-18 124 time(s)
  • United States
US99610h_00_0413.kdz Android 7.x Nougat 2.48 GiB 2017-05-02 763 time(s)
  • United States
US99610k_01_0921.kdz Android 7.x Nougat 2.48 GiB 2017-10-12 239 time(s)
  • United States
US99610l_05_1031.kdz Android 7.x Nougat 2.49 GiB 2017-11-22 202 time(s)
  • United States
US99610o_01_0202.kdz Android 7.x Nougat 2.49 GiB 2018-03-01 322 time(s)
  • United States
US99610p_00_0411.kdz Android 7.x Nougat 2.49 GiB 2018-05-03 701 time(s)
  • United States
US99620f_00_1120.kdz Android 8.x Oreo 2.29 GiB 2019-01-03 166 time(s)
  • United States
US99610f_00_1205.kdz Android 7.x Nougat 2.48 GiB 2017-01-17 4783 time(s)
  • United States
US99610n_00_1116.kdz Android 7.x Nougat 2.62 GiB 2017-12-09 1015 time(s)
  • United States
US99620f_00_1120.kdz Android 8.x Oreo 2.29 GiB 2019-01-03 1492 time(s)

Manual LG US996(LGUS996) aka LG V20 LTE-A

How to Hard Reset on LG US996(LGUS996) aka LG V20 LTE-A ?

Type 1:


Type 2:


Type 3:


  1. Turn off the phone.
  2. Next press and hold the Power key and Volume down key for ten seconds.
  3. Release the power key while holding down the volume key.
  4. Next press the power button again.
  5. After these actions, the Factory Reset menu will appear on the screen.

    Type 1:

    Type 2:

  6. Use the Power key and Volume key to confirm the process.
  7. The hard reset is completed now.
  8. As a result of these actions, the memory of your phone cannot be restored.

How to Factory Reset through code on LG US996(LGUS996) aka LG V20 LTE-A ?

  1. Turn on the phone.
  2. Open phone's Dialer.
  3. Enter one of the proposed codes:  3845#*996# or 277634#*# or *#546368#*996#.

  4. Confirm your actions by open "SVC Menu" or "Hidden Menu".

  5. Then select  " Factory Reset " (R&D Only).

  6. Finally press "OK".

  7. The hard reset is completed now. 
  8. As a result of these actions, the memory of your phone cannot be restored.

How to Factory Reset through menu on LG US996(LGUS996) aka LG V20 LTE-A ?

  1. Open the Main Menu.
  2. Go to "Settings".
  3. In Settings choose "General".

  4. In General select "Backup & Reset".

  5. Next, clik on "Reset Phone".

  6. Confirm by clicking  "Erase Everything".

  7. Finally, press "OK".

  8. The hard reset is completed now. 
  9. As a result of these actions, the memory of your phone can not be restored.


  • 12/26/2018 05:46:09 yingnanc007 says :

    how can I dirty flash with lgup?

    • 12/26/2018 15:13:47 admin says :

      You need use https://forum.xda-developers.com/lg-g5/development/uppercut-lgup-loader-g5-variants-t3511295

  • 08/06/2018 18:31:52 mattarantini says :

    Is it possible to flash the US996 USA firmware on a US996 UCL phone?

  • 06/03/2018 13:13:05 lgfirmwares says :

    Ban you???

  • 06/03/2018 00:55:42 deuryperalta says :

    Firmware for VS995S??

  • 05/05/2018 12:59:32 lgfirmwares says :

    Currently LG not release Oreo update for this model

  • 05/05/2018 07:43:33 disqus_g49n1hMHig says :

    Whenever there is an Oreo update for the LG V20Thanks AD

  • 05/03/2018 00:51:04 mahboijoe says :

    Actually, go ahead and try this. Go into your settings and switch to either CDMA or GSM according to your carrier. That fixed it for me. After you have used it for about a day, then you should be able to switch it back to global and it will work.

  • 01/08/2018 21:14:40 lgfirmwares says :

    Master in your country can try unlock your phone.

  • 01/08/2018 19:55:33 stefanloranthifolia says :

    im from indonesia. Can my country unlock my phone?

  • 01/08/2018 15:05:13 lgfirmwares says :

    Phone now locked. You must go in service center and unlock.

  • 01/08/2018 11:20:53 stefanloranthifolia says :

    i was updated my lg v20 us996 yesterday from US99610f to US99610n from LG Bridgebut it become locked my sim card and only x sign in signal barCan i flash US99610f again and my phone become unlcked again?Thank you

  • 12/10/2017 00:46:42 lgfirmwares says :


  • 12/09/2017 01:24:54 Nodscene says :

    I ended up using the LG software on a PC to update the firmware and it didn't wipe the phone. It also has a newer firmware than what's available on this site which is nice. Current version is n and was available Dec 7th so may be worthwhile using the Samsung app to back up the phone and then use it to automatically update the firmware.Phone seems a little slower right now so we will see if that improved.

  • 12/09/2017 01:02:05 nickbransford says :

    It will wipe your phone. You should also unlock the US996 before flashing otherwise it'll "convert" it to a US Cellular phone.

  • 12/09/2017 00:27:11 Nodscene says :

    Thanks, I guess I'll have to go that route. Hopefully there isn't a lot of bloatware and it doesn't wipe my phone.

  • 12/09/2017 00:26:39 Nodscene says :

    The phone says there is no OTA updates which is ridiculous. This was last years flagship phone and no OTA updates and obviously hardly any support. Doubt we will even get Android 8.1 which is inexcusable. Really wanted to eventually upgrade to the LG V30 but that's definitely not going to happen now. Who wants a phone that doesn't get proper support by the company that sells it. Even my US Note 4 was getting security updates constantly OTA and that's an old phone. At least they seem to care about even their older phones.

  • 12/08/2017 05:24:41 aleksandrshlotov says :

    I need a advice. Now my LGV20_966 are locked. I bought on AliExp but when I set my sim I got his result. I live in Cambodia and I want know which firmware i should set up for unlock and work on local nets?

  • 12/08/2017 04:42:49 G0nza78 says :

    Wich one its the last one?

  • 12/03/2017 22:42:49 lgfirmwares says :

    Use contact us form and send phone IMEI we check your region,

  • 12/03/2017 16:20:04 gonzaloouterelo says :

    Ota says you have no new firmware, and i dont know what its the last to mi 996? Can you tell how compare this roms to the one it has installed?

  • 11/14/2017 19:40:06 nickbransford says :

    As mentioned below, you can flash the US Cellular firmware to an unlocked US996 V20.

  • 11/11/2017 19:58:09 lgfirmwares says :

    Because LG not release update. We firmware fun club and post firmware when receive.

  • 11/11/2017 19:38:10 Jason_MSFT says :

    Why are there no updates for the US996 since January 2017? One of the reasons I bought an LG to begin with was in hopes of receiving updates outside of a carrier-provided phone.

  • 10/27/2017 22:28:25 nickbransford says :

    US Cellular firmware works on the unlocked US996.Use LGUP and flash a .kdz in "upgrade" mode to return to stock.

  • 10/27/2017 22:26:47 nickbransford says :

    Why do you want old firmware?

  • 10/27/2017 22:26:27 nickbransford says :

    You can flash the US Cellular .kdz to the unlocked US996 and it'll work just fine. I'm in Canada with the US996 with Fido and am currently running a clean flash of the US Cellular 10k .kdz without issue.

  • 09/17/2017 11:15:00 lgfirmwares says :

    Update by OTA or send phone IMEI using contact us form and we check latest firmware version for your phone.

  • 09/17/2017 03:09:58 Nodscene says :

    I just purchased the US996 version and will be using it in Canada. I'm shocked that there were no firmware updates needed as the phone is about a year old and was a flagship model. How do I get and install the latest version (if any) of software/firmware updates.

  • 08/21/2017 09:41:13 lgfirmwares says :

    Maybe in your phone old firmware but we haven't older then US99610f_00_1205.kdz.

  • 08/21/2017 01:52:22 palle_p says :

    How come theres no firmware when my phone have production date of 2016/12/01 and release date 2016/12/01. Must have had some firmware on release?

  • 08/20/2017 06:19:57 professerbutterbean says :

    well that's unfortunate.

  • 08/07/2017 16:03:51 lgfirmwares says :

    We haven't old firmwares.

  • 08/06/2017 23:30:11 professerbutterbean says :

    Can you post the UCL firmware from before December 31st?

  • 08/01/2017 10:59:05 lgfirmwares says :

    Link removed

  • 08/01/2017 05:22:59 executive_vp says :

    what does BPT stand for?

  • 07/29/2017 09:27:00 professerbutterbean says :

    check the region description, it's UCL for US Cellular

  • 07/04/2017 13:21:29 lgfirmwares says :

    Link removed

  • 07/04/2017 11:49:21 disqus_ktuCibDKzg says :


  • 07/03/2017 20:06:23 lgfirmwares says :

    Put phone in download mode and flash with LG UP.

  • 07/03/2017 16:49:06 disqus_ktuCibDKzg says :

    How can I flash the KDZ after unlocking the bootloader?(us996)

  • 06/02/2017 23:36:47 lgfirmwares says :

    Hi, Send to us your phone IMEI and we check. For send use contact us form.

  • 06/02/2017 19:53:16 DrPhant0m says :

    Is this for the unlocked US996, or the US Cellular US996? Does it matter? I'm looking for a way to fix my (unlocked) US996 to recover from a bad ramdisk, which is preventing me from booting after updating my su binary. Thanks!


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