Firmwares list for LG K550BNGO1

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Region File name File size Date Downloads
North America
US/United States
K55011i_00_0825.kdzFile exist in our server 1.5 G 2016-09-23 75 time(s)

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  • Scott Bell

    Hello i have tmobile lg stylo 2 plus and it stops at update k55010i…what update is k55011i on k550bngo1… doesn’t show the 11i update on tmobiles update website, is it for the same phone lg stylo 2 plus from tmobile?

    • Please use contact form in site and send phone IMEI. We check info in server and say this version for your phone or not.

  • Wajahat

    hi my phone model showing in setting K530TR , also battery inside cover K530TR, but in LG Bridge and IMEI through website it is showing K550TBNG01 … pls advise to which file to be downloaded for the same?

    • Using contact us ( send phone IMEI to me and I check your phone model and region.

      • Wajahat

        hi sir, thanks for your reply, i sent you information on this link using contact us. pls reply thanks

        • Model: LGK550BNGO1
          Region: TMO
          Last firmware: K55011i_00_0825.kdz

          • Wajahat

            then why it is showing K530TR in setting? also inside battery sticker? is it converted or refurbished one?

          • Wajahat

            it is not updating , i have downloaded file of K55011i_00_0825 but in LG Flash Tool 2014 error that contact system administrator.. please guide me. thanks

          • Use LG UP.

          • Wajahat

            which version of LGUP? LGUP 8994 also not working, not identify model.. LGUP cannot load the model.. X86… etc.

          • I don’t know. For flashing I use professional payment tool. Try search in xda developers.

          • Wajahat

            Finally lgup run but k550 kdz giving error that kdz file is not valid that i downloaded from here for k550011i… It is 1.5gb file. I also tried k530tur firmware but it is giving error ceps error 2×2000 something like that.. Pls advise

          • Converted or in your phone changed IMEI.