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Hy my LG G7 that i bought in Italy as brand TIM with oreo has a bit of an issue.

When I first searched for updates via OTA it didn't seem to want to update any time soon.

Then i checked my imei on your forum and the results were pretty bad. Like region:ABC

and latest firmware: (empty).

Than i flashed via LG UP my firmware with a couple of tries (didn't realise i needed a DEC region but then it went on and updated) and updated to pie but with an DEC (german?) region firmware. How is it possible? Was the phone unbranded already when they sold it to me? please help me. My imei is 355775092456365 and the currend firmware version i have on it is V20d-222-01. If my real region was supposed to be Italy TIM wouldn't the latest firmware version be 20j...? Thanks.

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Model is LMG710EM

Region is TIM

Latest version is G710EM20j_00_0905.kdz

Your phone is TIM branded phone but you can use OPEN EU firmware without customisation.

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