This quarantine has become a serious challenge for each project and each of us. We are trying to continue to provide you with high-quality services, but we are critically short of resources. To further develop the project, we have to introduce a paid subscription that will provide users with high-speed access to servers without annoying advertising. We ask you to support our project, as donations will help us better plan and perform our work. Of course, free downloads will still be available to all users, but we will have to slow down the download speed a bit, which will reduce the load on our servers.

You can test download speed before subscription:
Free server TEST FILE
Premium server TEST FILE

Help us grow - choose a paid subscription option:

Attention!!! In order for payments to be credited automatically, enter the E-mail used to register on the site! If the E-mail specified in the payment system differs from the E-mail specified when registering on the site, the payment will not be automatically credited to your account. In this case, send us the order reference to, we will process it manually.

Free plan

Free plan all the time
Content with advertising
2 files per day
Slow server
Standard support

Weekly plan

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No advertise
15 files per day
Fast server
Premium support

Monthly plan

$5 /month
Let's get try the monthly plan
No advertise
15 files per day
Fast server
Premium support