LG K535D(LGK535D) aka LG Stylus 2 Plus
Firmware List

Region File name OS File size Date Downloads
IND K535D10b_00_0524.kdz Unknown 1703667377 2016-12-12 241 time(s)
IND K535D10c_00_1209.kdz Unknown 1663584661 2016-12-21 40 time(s)
IND K535D10d_00_1227.kdz Unknown 1666993490 2017-01-06 23 time(s)
IND K535D10g_00_0209.kdz Unknown 1681075827 2017-02-16 48 time(s)
IND K535D20d_00_0329.kdz Android 7.x Nougat 1781258674 2017-04-13 334 time(s)

Here you can see region description table


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