Firmwares list for LG K430T

Region File name File size Date
CAD(Mid/South America/DM/Dominica) K430T10b_00_0805.kdz 1.57 G 2016-09-13
CAO(Mid/South America/03/Central America) K430T10b_00_0805.kdz 1.57 G 2016-09-03
CHL(Mid/South America/CL/Chile) K430T10b_00_0520.kdz 1.54 G 2016-07-20
CHL(Mid/South America/CL/Chile) K430T10b_01_0805.kdz 1.61 G 2016-10-04
CLA(Mid/South America/CL/Chile) K430T10b_00_0805.kdz 1.57 G 2016-10-31
CLM(Mid/South America/PA/Panama) K430T10b_00_0805.kdz 1.57 G 2016-09-24
CLP(Mid/South America/PE/Peru) K430T10b_01_1011.kdz 1.59 G 2016-10-31
CMC(Mid/South America/CO/Colombia) K430T10b_00_0805.kdz 1.57 G 2016-09-16
CMC(Mid/South America/CO/Colombia) K430T10b_01_1011.kdz 1.62 G 2016-11-19
COL(Mid/South America/CO/Colombia) K430T10c_00_1011.kdz 1.62 G 2016-10-27
EPT(Mid/South America/EC/Ecuador) K430T10b_00_0805.kdz 1.57 G 2016-09-17
MIA(Mid/South America/PA/Panama) K430T10b_01_0805.kdz 1.61 G 2016-09-21
MIA(Mid/South America/PA/Panama) K430T10c_00_1019.kdz 1.5 G 2016-11-11
TGO(Mid/South America/03/Central America) K430T10a_00_0502.kdz 1.39 G 2016-09-29

Here you can see region description table

  • Rodolfo Andres Salazar Querale

    to serve the firmware?

  • yony paaq

    Rom Original para el LG K10(K430T) – Peru..

    • In site I publish all firmware how exist in my PC. If I receive LG K430T for Peru I add on site.

      • yony paaq

        And I can load the rom of the country Ecuador .. ? or different rom

  • yony paaq

    Puedo cargarle estas rom a mi LG K10(K430T) soy de Perú..

    • Hi, Please write in English.

      • yony paaq

        I can charge you these rom my LG K10 ( K430T ) I am from Peru ..

  • Branse gamer 507

    Im from Panama and I dont know wich one to select for my phone..I would like to know wich one to use ..please.. CLM(Mid/South America/PA/Panama) MIA(Mid/South America/PA/Panama) MIA(Mid/South America/PA/Panama) I notice that teres three different do I know the correct one

    • Hi, use contact us form and send to me phone IMEI and I check data in server.