Firmwares list for LG K430DS

Region File name File size Date
CIS(Cis/04/Cis) K430ds10t_00_0609.kdz 1.3 G 2016-07-04
CIS(Cis/04/Cis) K430ds10y_00_0820.kdz 1.33 G 2016-09-12
KAZ(Cis/KZ/Kazakhstan) K430ds10t_00_0609.kdz 1.3 G 2016-07-16
KAZ(Cis/KZ/Kazakhstan) K430ds10y_00_0820.kdz 1.33 G 2016-09-12

Here you can see region description table

  • alex

    Hello, I cannot download this firmware. I have the same error as with LG H845. Could please check you downloader software for this error? Would you so kind to provide me direct link to download this firmware?

    Best regards

    • Please post here File key and I check your problem. LG Firmware Downloader work perfect.

      • alex

        Hello, Here is the key I used: 65B3B15CBF442B31FFABA552BDF874

        • Link for you .

          • Craft Gameswork

            Hello my TA having the same problem

          • Please post file key and I check your problem.

          • alex

            Hello. Thank you very much. But I cannot update this firmware on my phone. I had the Anti Rollback error. Maybe you know how to solve it?

          • Please post here screen shot.