Firmwares list for LG H735P

Region File name File size Date
CAD(Mid/South America/DM/Dominica) H735P20a_00_0906.kdz 1.03 G 2016-11-23
CLP(Mid/South America/PE/Peru) H735P10a_01_0112.kdz 1.28 G 2016-07-04
CLP(Mid/South America/PE/Peru) H735P20a_00_0906.kdz 1.03 G 2016-10-28
CMC(Mid/South America/CO/Colombia) H735P10a_01_0404.kdz 1.28 G 2016-06-29
CMC(Mid/South America/CO/Colombia) H735P20a_00_0920.kdz 1.04 G 2016-10-20
COL(Mid/South America/CO/Colombia) H735P10b_00.kdz 1.18 G 2016-07-03
CRI(Mid/South America/CR/Costa Rica) H735P10a_01.kdz 1.2 G 2016-08-20
ORD(Mid/South America/DM/Dominica) H735P20a_00_0919.kdz 1.04 G 2016-11-02
TFB(Mid/South America/CO/Colombia) H735P10b_00.kdz 1.2 G 2016-07-08
TFO(Mid/South America/03/Central America) H735P20a_00_0815.kdz 1.04 G 2016-11-02
TFP(Mid/South America/PE/Peru) H735P10b_00.kdz 1.2 G 2016-06-29
TFP(Mid/South America/PE/Peru) H735P20a_00_0913.kdz 1.04 G 2016-10-26

Here you can see region description table

  • Juan Campo

    the link appears fallen . I can not download the KDZ the h735p Colombia

    • Hello, Please post here file key and I check your problem.

      • Juan Campo


        • Your link is . In my PC all work perfect maybe your provider block

          • Juan Campo

            what do I do?

          • Click in address line and press enter (some times Chrome not auto start download)
            Copy url to fire fox or other web browser and download.

          • Juan Campo

            thank you very much and I run 🙂

  • José Tineo

    the link appears fallen . I can not download the KDZ the h735p peru.


    • this is your link. Link work only few hour.
      If after download no start automatic please click on address bar and press Enter.

  • José Tineo

    Need H735p10b, the link is the h735p20a!! Please, help me!!


  • Andresini789

    estan en android 5.0 ? :v

  • Sebastian Correa

    the link appears fallen . I can not download the KDZ the h735p Colombia